cLAN aims to offer a compelling alternative to the ever-increasing centralization of the internet.

Decentralized Networking

Instead of relying on a centralized cloud accessible via the clearnet, our objective is to establish an encrypted network of interconnected computers, essentially creating a decentralized darknet, which we affectionately call a cLAN.

Seamless Access

Our vision includes providing users with a seamless experience when they join one or multiple cLANs through invitation links. Clicking the link will trigger a popup that seeks confirmation to connect to the network.

Effortless Integration

During the joining process, the user's computer (referred to as the client hereafter) will download a file containing information about a virtual machine (VM). The client will then automatically set up the VM, and once complete, this VM will become part of the cLAN.

Users can also choose to seamlessly integrate the cLAN configuration into their base system, effectively allowing the cLAN admin(s) to remotely manage their system.

Dashboard for Services

Once connected, users will have access to a dashboard displaying all the services offered within this specific cLAN. Within this dashboard, users can easily add applications or decide to host services for fellow cLAN members, such as a Nextcloud instance or backup endpoints.

Decentralization and Redundancy

The core idea is to ensure service decentralization without a single point of failure. If one service fails, another machine within the cLAN network can spin up a replacement service. VMs are designed to be lightweight, minimizing resource consumption.

Administrative Control

Within a cLAN, administrators define the configuration file and have control over who becomes part of the network.